Nigerians reject levy of N1000 Vehicle Proof Of Ownership, claim Tinubu wants to suffocate the poor


Nigerians have rejected the Bola Tinubu-led administration’s recently enforced N1,000 required annual payment for all motorists’ Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC) verification.

The levy was announced on Tuesday by Engr. Abdulhafiz Toriola, Lagos State Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation. Toriola stated that the Federal Government Joint Tax Board had enacted the charge.

Toriola claims that the Proof of Ownership Certificate, which will include the owner’s name and address as well as the car’s number plate number, model, and year of manufacture, will be sufficient evidence that the registered person or company is the rightful owner of the vehicle.

The document will be supplied at the time that car details are renewed for a little price of One Thousand Naira Only (1000), he continued.

This occurs less than a month after Tinubu announced the elimination of the fuel subsidy without providing any relief or palliatives for the misery of the populace.

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Nigerians have widely criticised the levy’s introduction since they believe it will only burden the populace and make their lives more difficult.

The National Bureau of Statistics’ most recent statistics indicate that at least 11.8 million automobiles are being driven on Nigerian roadways.

Some Nigerians who vented their rage on Twitter called the proof of ownership fee an arbitrary and numerous taxes.

There is no need for a Proof of Ownership Certificate because drivers in Nigeria must already possess a driver’s licence and other vehicle documentation. The N1,000 the government is charging drivers is absurd; it may seem like a small amount, but the government will make millions. “This is abuse,” declared Daniel Regha.

“Welcome to Alpha Bitters Republic. Tax master introduced #1,000 proof of ownership fee which we never had before,” said Nwani.

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A Twitter user, FS Yusuf said, “So Tinubu Administration will be imposing an annual fee of 1000 Naira on all car owners as “proof of ownership”.

“Please help me make this make sense!!! So why do we renew our papers with VIO annually!???

“What has this people added to our pockets that they want to drain us this fast!????”

Felix Okojie said, “Tinubu do not have d wherewithal 4 economic reforms, all he got is subjecting Nigerians to more hardship- from untold increment in PMS to motorist pay 1k for Proof of Ownership, wit electricity tariff hike knocking at our door. What good does he have?”

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